ADVISER 400 error

ADVISER reports are automatically generated.  The system pulls information collected from various forms.
One field of information the system fails to successfully pull is the student's Placement Type which results in the 400 error.  

Placement Type refers to whether the student is attending a public or nonpublic school.  

All Public School Students will need [Not Applicable] selected for their Placement Type.

Non-Public School Students will need one of the other 3 options selected for their Placement Type.  
Most non-public school students will be [Nonpublic Placement - Parent Placement, SPED Services from Resident District, Student on IEP]

You may see that there is nothing after the field [Placement Type] in the picture of an ADVISER report.  There should be a 0, 1, 2, or 3 based on the placement option selected.  
To correct 400 errors, override the student's ADVISER record and select the appropriate Placement Type. 

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