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SRS ADVISER error code 400

Error 400 means an outdated/unaccepted Data Element has been reported for the student.
In the example below, the issue is with the Exit Reason SPED15 which is no longer a valid SPED Exit Reason.  

Occasionally the 400 error will trigger because of a data entry error in a student's MDT for the student's Initial Entry Into Special Education date.  Whenever you see the 400 error, do a data override and make sure the Initial Entry Into Special Education date is correct.  
Very occasionally data entry errors will be made on the MDT where the date is pulled from and where some numbers get flipped like the year will be 0215 when it should be 2015.

Creation date: 12/10/2019 2:12 PM (mvu@esucc.org)      Updated: 6/24/2021 1:08 PM (mvu@esucc.org)
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