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Transferring students to another district

A video on how to initiate a transfer can be found in the link below

Before transferring a student they must
1.  Have their account status set to [Inactive]
2.  The date of their transfer needs to be set as the Exit Date
3.  [Transferring to another School District or Moved known to be continuing] should be set as the Exit Reason

Then follow the instruction in the image below.  (You may need to click on the images to see them at full resolution.)
The first image covers how to create a Collection to perform various group processes.  The second image covers how to perform the transfer using a Collection.

Once the transfer is initiated, the District Manager of the district the student has been transferred to will need to confirm the transfer and then activate the student's SRS account since the account comes into the district as inactive.

Read the Trouble Shooting below in case you run into any problems

Trouble shooting
If the transfer doesn't go through on your first attempt, try unchecking the box next to their name, checking the box again, and then try transferring them again.  

Click here or on the link below to learn how to locate inactive accounts and reactivate them.

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