ADVISER 602 error

Students with 602 errors are having one of two things cause this error

1.  The student's NSSRS ID number is missing or incomplete
  • Remove the record with the missing or incomplete NSSRS ID 
  • Wait a few minutes and refresh your ADVISER reports page
  • Verify the record has been deleted - if you do not see it it's gone
    • If the record is not gone, wait another minute and refresh your page again
  • Key in the student's NSSRS ID in the Student Edit page
  • Click [Next]
  • Click [Save]
  • Verify that an ADVISER report regenerated for the student with accurate data

2.  If the record with the 602 error contains the name of a student not in your district, simply remove the record
  • This is the result of a bug that will eventually be fixed
Creation date: 1/9/2020 10:46 AM (      Updated: 1/9/2020 10:46 AM ()