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ADVISER 602 error - Student Missing Unique ID 

Please read this article if you do not know how to access ADVISER reports and override data

Students with 602 errors are having one of two things cause this error

1.  The student's NSSRS ID number is missing or incomplete
  • Remove the record with the missing or incomplete NSSRS ID 
  • Wait a few minutes and refresh your ADVISER reports page
  • Verify the record has been deleted - if you do not see it it's gone
    • If the record is not gone, wait another minute and refresh your page again
  • Key in the student's NSSRS ID in the Student Edit page
  • Click [Next]
  • Click [Save]
  • Verify that an ADVISER report regenerated for the student with accurate data

Creation date: 1/9/2020 10:46 AM (mvu@esucc.org)      Updated: 5/20/2020 8:49 AM (mvu@esucc.org)
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