ADVISER 601 error - Students returning to regular education

Errors will often occur in the ADVISER reports of students that have had returned to regular education because they no longer verified with a disability after an MDT meeting.

The reason and cause for this specific error is explained below.  What needs to be done to correct the error is explained in the image below.

This can easily be identified when a student's ADVISER reports contain a record with a [SPED99] exit code and a second report with a [SPED02] exit code.

The [SPED99] exit code means the student received an update in services which means some kind of IEP or MDT meeting was held.  The student is exited with the [SPED99] code one day before the date of conference keyed into the IEP/MDT form, then a new ADVISER record is generated with a begin date that is one day after the exit date of the previous ADVISER record with the [SPED99] exit code.  

Since these students do not verify with a disability after these MDT meetings the second ADVISER record generated doesn't pull a disability which causes the error.  

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