ADVISER 601 error - [SPED99]

Please read this article if you do not know how to access ADVISER reports and override data

Errors may occur when an IEP and MDT are finalized on the same day.  
It is advised to finalize the MDT first and the IEP second.

All active students on SRS have at least one ADVISER record.  Whenever a student receives a change in services - it's reflected in the creation and finalization of an MDT, IEP, or IFSP.  This in turn is reflected in the student's ADVISER record through the [SPED99] Exit Reason Code.  

SRS will update the students ADVISER record with an exit date that is one day before the date of the IEP/MDT's finalization.  It will also give the student the [SPED99] exit code and then generate a new ADVISER record where the begin date is the same date the IEP/MDT was finalized.  

If an ADVISER report contains a 601 error related to [SPED99] exit codes, they can always be removed.  There will always be a nearly identical record that has the correct begin and end dates in addition to the [SPED99] exit code.  

If this is not the case, the issue may require technical assistance by calling the SRS Help Desk at 402-597-44994.

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