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Please read this article if you do not know how to access ADVISER reports and override data

If you are confused by an ADVISER record with a SPED99 exit date - there's nothing to worry about.
SPED99 means the student received an update in their SPED records.  

Any time an IEP or IFSP is finalized, SRS will put a SPED99 exit code into the student's current ADVISER record with an exit date that is one day before services begin in the new IEP/IFSP.
A new ADVISER record is then created where the begin date is the day services begin on the new IEP/IFSP.  

Many duplicate ADVISER records were created in the past because a new ADVISER record would be created when an MDT was finalized.  

But when an MDT conference is held - the student either verifies with a disability or doesn't.
If they verify, a new IEP/IFSP is created where information about their disability would be updated (if it changed) in addition to any changes in services.  

SRS now properly accounts for how MDT forms relate to changes in service or exiting from SPED so these duplicates no longer generate.  

Below is what an ADVISER record should look like with explanations about SPED99.  
Contact support about any confusing instances of the SPED99 exit code in ADVISER.

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