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ADVISER - how to make corrections

Corrections to ADVISER records will always be made by clicking on the link that says [Override Data]

In order to do this you will need
  • District Manager or Associate District Manager privileges
  • Go to ADVISER reports for the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 School Year
  • Select your District
  • Click [Submit]
  • Find the student in need of corrections
  • Click on their name
  • Click [Override Data] on the ADVISER record that needs corrections
  • Change the needed data element

In the image below we can see the student started the school year receiving services from the IEP they were on in the 2019-2020 school year.

When that IEP expired in early October and a new IEP came into effect, SRS will automatically create a new record to publish to ADVISER.  The Begin Date will be whenever the new IEP comes into effect and then SRS will go into the previous ADVISER record and enter an exit date and exit reason.  The Exit Date is always one day before the new IEP comes into effect and the Exit Reason will be SPED99 meaning they did not really exit from SPED and just received an update to their SPED records.

Creation date: 1/23/2020 1:49 PM (mvu@esucc.org)      Updated: 6/22/2021 11:12 AM (mvu@esucc.org)
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