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Formatting Tables

There are two common formatting issues with tables.

1.  The table is not formatted at all.

When this happens the form in question will not print out entirely and most likely stop printing where the unformatted table appears.  
To correct this - click on the table and then a bar of buttons will appear.  The button on the left will allow you to format the table.  

From there, just copy the table format setting in the pictures below. 

This image below is for General table settings

This image below is for Advanced table settings

2.  The table in question has another table inserted inserted into one of its cells

I call these tables within a table a meta-table.  
Meta-tables will the table it resides to print out incredibly thin but so long it spans multiple pages.  The text will also be unreadable small.  
When this happens it will be necessary to cut out the table within the table and paste it into the textbox so the table is separate from other tables.  

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