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School Settings and Information

School Managers, District Managers, Associate School Managers, and District Managers can access and edit School Settings through the SCHOOLS tab at the top of SRS.

Selecting your District will display all of the schools that exist within the district.

Clicking on a School will redirect you to the School's settings and information.
The first tab is general information - anyone with School Manager at a specific school can be selected as School Manager from the School Information.  
Anyone with District Manager privileges can be selected as School Manager for any school within the district they manage.  

The highest person of authority within Special Education of the school should be assigned as School Manager within School Information.  This is usually the Principal of SPED Director.  This helps the SRS Help Desk follow the correct chain of command when assisting with issues.  

The second tab is where Progress Report dates and Minutes per Week are set for the School.

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