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How to confirm transfer students into your district

When another school district initiates a transfer of student out of their district and into your district, the transfer must be confirmed or denied by administration of the district receiving the student.  

When a transfer is initiated, an automated email is sent to the individual designated to receive transfer notifications.  
At this point, anyone with district level privileges can confirm or deny the transfer by going to the [STUDENTS] tab at the top navigation bar on SRS and then selecting "Transfer Students."

Click on the first panel labeled "Students to confirm transfer into..." to expand it.  After a brief moment, data will load and show students whose transfers are awaiting confirmation.  
Clicking on [Confirm] will cause the student's name to disappear from the list.  At this point, the student's SRS account resides within the district you manage.  The student's SRS account will need to be reactivated and some information like their address will need to be updated as well.  

Follow instructions on the link below if you're unsure how to locate and reactivate SRS accounts of students whose transfers were just confirmed.

Creation date: 4/20/2021 10:08 AM (mvu@esucc.org)      Updated: 4/20/2021 10:08 AM ()
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