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Granting privileges to personnel

Granting or activating requested privileges is generally the responsibility of personnel with School Manager or District Manager privileges.

Details on what permissions each privilege grants can be found here.

1.  Go to the PERSONNEL tab at the top navigation bar and then select "Personnel List."

2.  Run a first and last name search for the personnel in question.

3.  Click on their name which will redirect you to the personnel's information page.

4.  Go the the personnel's Privileges List.  

5.  Check their privileges.  Inactive privileges can mean that specific privilege was requested by that user and is waiting approval by administration; otherwise, inactive privileges mean the privilege may have recently be deactivated by administration - however, privileges should typically be removed entirely rather than deactivated if someone no longer serves a district/school.

5A.  Activate inactive privileges if needed.
5B.  Deactivate/remove any duplicate privileges.  

6.  Click the button [Add to District] to grant privileges to the personnel - privileges you can grant are limited to your highest level privilege.  School Managers can grant privilege levels as high as School Manager.  District Managers can grant privilege levels as high as District Manager.

Creation date: 7/13/2021 12:06 PM (mvu@esucc.org)      Updated: 9/9/2021 10:34 AM (mvu@esucc.org)
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