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ADVISER Basic Information

A video on the basics of SPED Data Reporting to ADVISER through SRS can be found in the video below.

If your district uses SRS to publish SPED data to ADVISER, then data is constantly collected and put on a form called an "Ed-Fi" record which then gets published to the Nebraska Department of Education's ADVISER database.

In order for a SPED record to be generated and published to ADVISER, 3 conditions need to be met.
  1. Finalized MDT or MDT Card where the student verified with a disability
    1. MDT or MDT Card's Date of Conference needs to be valid.  MDT/MDT Cards cannot be older than 3 years from July 1 of the ADVISER reporting year. 
  2. Finalized IEP, IFSP, or IEP/IFSP Data Card 
    1. IEP/IFSP/Data Card needs to be valid.  SPED records that expire prior to earliest begin date of July 1 of the given ADVISER reporting year will not be recognized as valid by SRS.
  3. State ID saved onto student info page
When these 3 conditions are met, SRS will automatically generate an Ed-Fi record to be published to ADVISER.

ADVISER requires 10 Data Elements to be published to the Nebraska Department of Education.  A brief explanation of where the data comes from and extra details is explained below.  A detailed explanation of each data element and all possible entries for each data element can be found on Page 86 of the ADVISER Data Elements document

  • Begin Date 
    • Pulls from "effect from" date of IEP or Date of Conference of IFSP
      • The effective date for the Special Education record (IEP/IFSP) in the current school year.  
      • Begin Date must be between July 1 and June 30 of the reporting period
      • Begin Date should be set to July 1 for an IEP/IFSP that comes into effect before July 1 (these are typically SPED records that are carried over from the previous school year into the next/new school year)
  • End Date 
    • Pulls from Edit Student Page
      • The date in which the student ceased receiving Special Education services at the district
  • Exit Reason 
    • Pulls from edit student page
  • Special Education Setting 
    • Pulls from Edit Student Page 
      • The general education setting for a student in Special Education
  • Level of Program Participation
    • Determined by whether data is coming from an IEP or IFSP
      • Indicates whether a student is IDEA Part B or Part C
  • Placement Type
    • Pulls from Edit Student Page
      • An indication of a nonpublic school placement type of a student
      • Student in Public School will have this data element = 0
  • Alternate Assessment
    • Pulls from Edit Student Page
    • Can only be changed/updated when an IEP is finalized
  • Disability
    • Pulls from most recently finalized MDT
  • Services
    • Pulls from IEP
    • Indication of whether or not the student receives Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Physical Therapy

Things that prompt SRS to generate and publish new Ed-Fi records are...
  • Finalization of an IEP, IFSP, or IEP/IFSP Data Card
    • When one of these SPED Record forms has been finalized, SRS will generate a new Ed-Fi record using data from the newly finalized SPED record in addition to other places where ADVISER data is pulled from
  • Saving the Edit Student page
    • Any time the [Save] button is clicked on the Edit Student page, SRS will check to see if an Ed-Fi record has been published for the student in question.  If an Ed-Fi record has not been generated and the 3 conditions for Ed-Fi record generation are met, an Ed-Fi record will be generated for publication to ADVISER.  
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