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Uploading of LEA, School, and Student Photos to the Dashboard

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Student Photos Issues
Uploading of LEA, School, and Student Photos to the Dashboard
Service Impact
Incident Detail
The specified issues have not been duplicated in the development environment.
Technical Detail/Fix
Additional logging was added to the Photo Upload Error Handling catch blocks in EdFi.Dashboards.Resources.Photo.Implementations.PackageReader.EdFiPackageReader CanHandleRequest function and EdFi.Dashboards.Resources.Photo.Implementations.ZipArchiveParser CanHandleRequest function to capture better errors. The exception thrown in EdFi.Dashboards.Resources.Photo.Implementations.PackageReader.NullPhotoImageTypeIdentifier IdentifyPhotoImageType function was updated to record a better error message.
Also, when uploading photos there are several procedures that must be followed that I will document below.
1. Education Organization is not a supported folder type. The supported folder types are Students, Staff, Schools, and LocalEducationAgency.
2. The folders containing the photos must be in a sub-folder, not in the root e.g. Pictures\Schools\280059001.jpg, Pictures\Staff\171.jpg, Pictures\Students\2567.jpg
3. Photo names must match dashboard identifiers for the student, staff, school, or local education agency.
4. Images should be sized in a 3:4 ratio, which is the standard aspect ratio for yearbook photos. Logos for schools and local education agencies may need to be adjusted to fit a 3:4 layout.
5. Student and Staff Photos must be uploaded one school at a time using the top photo upload option.
6. District and School Photos can be uploaded using the second photo option, but only for the current Local Education Agency.
7. You may only upload photos for the LEA to which you are logged in
Creation date: 12/4/2015 9:25 AM ()      Updated: 12/4/2015 9:25 AM ()