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Pilot district is unable to drill down on schools

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Pilot district is unable to drill down on schools
Service Impact
Access to school lists on the dashboards.
Incident Detail
Joy Nolting, a system administrator at BANCROFT-ROSALIE COMM SCHOOLS reported a 500 error when trying to access school lists within the dashboards. We reviewed the error logs and .NET code for the dashboard and found that she was getting a 500 error code because of an issue with the data that was inserted into the dashboard.LocalEducationAgency table in the application database - NeDOE_Application_NeDOEStaging. The value entered into the Code column of the dashbaord.LocalEducationAgency table for this district had a space. The .NET code errors out when there is a space in the values entered into this column. It expects that all spaces be replaced with a dash.
Technical Detail/Fix
The issue was resolved by updating the dashboard.LocalEducationAgency with the following script:
Update[NeDOE_Application_NeDOEStaging].[dashboard].[LocalEducationAgency] set code = 'BANCROFT-ROSALIE-COMM-SCHOOLS' where LocalEducationAgencyId = '200020000'and Name = 'BANCROFT-ROSALIE COMM SCHOOLS' The value in the Code column was changed from 'BANCROFT-ROSALIE COMM-SCHOOLS' to 'BANCROFT-ROSALIE-COMM-SCHOOLS'. This was the only record that had the space issue.
Creation date: 12/4/2015 9:31 AM ()      Updated: 12/4/2015 9:31 AM ()