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Update Claimset for Intervention Specialist

Level 4
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Update Claimset for Intervention Specialist
Dashboard UI users with Intervention Specialist role
Service Impact
Intervention specialists did not have access to the Dashboard
Incident Detail
Missing code for Intervention Specialist user claims
Technical Detail/Fix
Updated the Dashboard code to add Intervention Specialist to the Nebraska Claims Set Provider with the correct claims:
To add a new Claim Set Type such as Intervention Specialist you need to add it to the [dashboard].[ClaimSetMapping] table with a Position Title of "Intervention Specialist" and a ClaimSet value of "InterventionSpecialist" (no spaces).
You then need to open up the Ed-Fi Dashboard solution in Visual Studio and find the NebraskaClaimsSet enumeration in EdFi.Dashboards.Extensions.Resources.Security
and add InterventionSpecialist to the enumeration (this name must match exactly what was added to the table above.).
You then need to find the NebraskaClaimSetBasedClaimsProvider in EdFi.Dashboards.Extensions.Resources.Security.Implementations
and in the GetClaims function you need to update the large switch (claimsSet) function to include a case statement for the new InterventionSpecialist that returns the appropriate Claim Types
for InterventionSpecialist the Claim Types are
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(EdFiClaimTypes.AccessOrganization, educationOrganizationIdentifier);
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(EdFiClaimTypes.ViewAllMetrics, educationOrganizationIdentifier);
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(EdFiClaimTypes.ViewMyMetrics, implicitLEA);
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(EdFiClaimTypes.ViewAllStudents, educationOrganizationIdentifier);
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(EdFiClaimTypes.ViewOperationalDashboard, educationOrganizationIdentifier);
yield return ClaimHelper.CreateClaim(InterventionClaimTypes.ManageStudentInterventions, educationOrganizationIdentifier);
Now any user that is assigned the Position Title of "Intervention Specialist" in [dashboard].[StaffEducationOrgInformation] will be granted the claims listed above.
Creation date: 12/4/2015 9:39 AM ()      Updated: 12/30/2015 12:17 PM ()