District Manager - To Approve New Access Request or Remove Access

District Admins will need to make accounts active and add access.

If the personnel is already in your district, you can add the access for them in the Access Levels tab.  If they are coming in from outside your district, they will need to request at least one access level and then you can add more as needed.  You will not see the new person in your list until they request access from your district.

Once you have received the request, go to Personnel – Personnel Search.

  • Search for the person by first and last name.
  • This will bring up a list of staff access.
  • The name will be a blue hyperlink – click on it.
  • If the full name does not find a user, try using less letters for each name like two or three in the example.

Under the Personnel Information tab, check that the status is active.


Under access levels, check the status for the school needed and activate or remove as needed.

When removing a student manager access level from your district, you will need to choose a new person to take their place.  All students must have a case manager.  Inactive students may still have them listed.  By changing the access for the personnel under the personnel settings, this will not change the student as active or cause reporting issues.


When staff changes occur, please be sure to check the District settings.  The email requests will need to go to the new district manager which should be listed under the district settings.

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