District Manager - Merging Student Record

To Merge Student accounts 

  • Collect local IDs
  • Open SRS
  • Go to Students tab
  • Student list
  • Find SRS IDs for the student entries to merge

Merge accounts

  • Go to Students tab
  • Student Admin
  • This will bring up the page to merge accounts. 
  • Student A SRS ID# needs to be the ID to use as for the student record you want to keep.
  • Student B SRS ID# is the one to add/merge.
  • Once the IDs are entered, click the search button on the right side. 
  • This will bring up the data from both A and B in a side-by-side comparison.  Any differences between the two records will be highlighted. 

Correct student

  •  Verify the match
  • Must be the same
  • This CAN NOT be undone.
  • If there are more than 4 differences in the two student lists, then you can check the “I still want to merge” button.
  • If A and B are a match, click the Merge Students button.
  • Data should merge to one account.
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