Request and Confirm Transfer of Student Data

There are two options for requesting the transfer.  For either option, you will need to know the County, District Name, and School Name to make the request.  The school needing the student data has to make the request.  Once the request is received, the student record has to be confirmed to complete the transfer. 

Prepare to Transfer

If you know the school that the student is coming from, you can go ahead and start the process with either option.  If you do not know the school, you can contact us atå We can get you the data if available if the prior school used SRS.

Click on Students and Student List

Search for the student you want to transfer in the regular search to bring up the student records.

Before transferring a student, the account must be set as inactive, the date of the transfer needs to be set as the exit date and the exit reason should be set as Transferring to another School District or Moved known to be continuing.

Option 1

With the student name you are needing to transfer displayed, you will add a collection.

In the top right corner, you will see Collections.  Click on the Students button to the right of the collections box.  If you don’t already have it, click the top box to Add Collection.  Label it transfer.  If you have it added already, click on Select Collection and choose transfer. 

Check the box in front of the student record to transfer.  This will bring up a box with Select Group Action and the student’s name below.  There should be a red x in the box in front of the student’s name.  If a previously transferred student’s name is listed below the box, click on the x in front of the name to remove them from the list.  With your student’s name added to the transfer listed, click on the down arrow in the box.  Select Transfer Students.  This will bring up three fields.  Choose your county, district, and school then select transfer. 

A message will pop up that says it was approved or that changes need to be made before the transfer like making the student inactive.


Option 2

Click on Students

Select Transfer Students

There are four sections

1.     Students to confirm transfer into

2.     History of students transferred into

3.     Students transferred out of


4.     Request Transfer

Click Request Transfer

Complete the fields for

From County, District, and School

To County, District, and School

Add the First Name and Last Name

If multiple students are moving from the same school to your school, they can be added here as well by clicking the option to Add Student.

Click Send Request

Complete the Transfer

Once the request is sent, a notice for the transfer will be sent to the requesting district manager.  The requesting school will need to confirm the transfer and activate the student’s SRS account since it comes into the new district as inactive. 

Go to the Students tab - Select transfer students – Student to confirm transfer into… - choose confirm or delete action in the list.

Go back to the Students tab again and student list.  Use the Show ALL Students in the search options to find the transferred account and activate the student.

Once the transfer is complete, merging may need to be done if there are multiple records for the student.  (See Merge Student Record tutorial – on youtube)

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