Transfer Student - Request and Approve 

Student transfers can no longer be initiated by the sending district.  

The transfer is a two step process.  

  1. The district needing the student makes the request.  
  2. The sending district confirms the transfer.  
*****See the powerpoint for a click through option.

Requesting Student Data

  • Click on the Students tab
  • Select Transfer Students
  • Select Request Transfer 

  • Complete the fields for First Name, Last Name, SRS IS OR State ID.
You can use any combination of the 4 fields.  Generally, I use the first three letters of the first name and first three letters of the last name. This helps with spelling mistakes and if there are duplicate records for the child then those can be requested and merged also. 
  • Click Search.  This will bring up a list of students in SRS matching the data you are wanting.
  • Click Request Transfer.

  • Add the district and school that you want the student transferred into.
  • Submit Request

Approve a Pending Request

  • Through the Students tab.
  • Select Transfer Students. 
  • Choose Confirm Transfer Out of district.

If the student is not inactive, a popup window will display and allow you to inactivate the student account and add an exit date.

Merge Student Records

Once the transfer is complete, merging may need to be done if there are multiple records for the student.  (See Merge Student Record tutorial – on youtube)

Cards for Previous Schools Files

If using the prior school’s IEP or MDT from the transfer, an IEP or MDT card should be created.  The dates will need to be changed to match the transfer date as the exit date for the prior school and the begin date as the incoming date to the new district.  The end date will need to still be the same end as was in the transferred IEP or MDT.  This will keep the ADVISER records accurate.

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