IEP Progress Reports - Manually generating, Not update, In deleted Status, Highlighted

Manually Generating 

If an IEP form fails to generate progress reports upon finalization, it's always possible to manually generate them.  Some of the data will not carry over like the goals.  The date can be manually set by editing the Progress Report.  

  • Do not create them from the Create form dropdown list.  
  • Click on Forms options for the IEP that needs the progress report. 
  • Select Create PR.
  • A new progress report will be created and indented under the IEP.
  • Goals will not generate on a progress report if there is no IEP associated with it.

Progress Reports will not update

The system is designed to not update the progress reports once the IEP is finalized.  If the district manager un-finalizes the report, the file can then be edited and re-finalized.  This will NOT create new progress reports or update the current progress reports listed.  The best option will be to duplicate the most recent IEP and update the progress report dates to have them automatically generated.  You can also edit the individual reports manually.

Progress report still showing in deleted status

The progress report is tied to the IEP form.  It can be deleted and will show in deleted status on the current forms list but it will still display in the current forms.  It is not a separate form so it will not move to the Deleted Forms section of student forms.  


The change was made to have the progress reports highlighted if they were not finalized.  They will remain red until the are finalized for the year.  If the progress report is in draft or deleted, it will remain on the forms list since it is tied to the IEP and cannot stand alone.

Creation date: 2/21/2022 3:16 PM      Updated: 1/5/2023 8:33 AM