Batch Printing Progress Reports

Here are the steps to print and send out progress reports for multiple students at one time. 

First you will need to go to the student search.  In the upper right corner, you will need to add a collection if you haven’t already.  Type a name for your collection in the box that says Add Collection and click on the plus sign to the right of the box.

Once the collection is added, you can add students to it.  Check the box next to the student names to add them to the collection.  You can remove them by clicking the red x in front of the name if you add a name by mistake.

Once all of the student names are selected:

  • Click on the Select Group Action, choose Print.
  • Click on the All Form Types, choose Progress Report.
  • Click on Most recent form or select from Most recent Final form or Most recent Draft form.  Most recent will print the Progress Report closest to the time of printing whether Final or Draft.
  • Print.
  • This will bring up a print preview web page.
  • Print to available printer.

Batch printing is only for Progress Reports.  Other forms will be optimized for batch printing at a later date.

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