ADVISER 601 error - Begin Date

ADVISER errors will need to have the reports edited under the current school year.  You can use override data to do this using the link.

Error Begin Date

If using the IEP from the previous school, a duplicate of the current IEP would need to be made with the new school start date in the form.  

  • This will create two records in ADVISER which is what is needed for the reports.
  • One record will begin at the start of the school year or 7-1-2X and end on the last date at the previous school.
  • The second record will start on the first date at the new school and have no exit date or reason.
  • Additional records will be created if new data is added for the students.
  • Most students will have two records by the end of the school year.

Use the override steps above to edit the record.

*****New for 2023-2024 - there is a current IEP begin date field added here.  Update this date and submit and it should clear the error.

Creation date: 2/23/2022 2:16 PM      Updated: 9/22/2023 10:00 AM