ADVISER 750 error - No Exit Reason

ADVISER errors will need to have the reports edited under the current school year.  You can use override data to do this using the link.

Special Education Student With SPED99 Reason Exited Code Missing a Following Special Education Program Record

A Special Education program record reported with a Reason Exited code of SPED99 (Change in SPED Record Only, Not an Exit) needs a following Special Education Program Record entry within the district. Please submit the missing Special Education program record or correct the exit reason on the existing record.

This generally occurs when a student transfers in.  If using the IEP from the previous school, an IEP card would be used.  The dates of the current IEP would be added with the new school start date in the form.  This will create a second record in ADVISER which is what is needed for the reports.  The initial school will have an exit date and the new school will not.

The exit reason codes begin on pg. 73.

Creation date: 2/23/2022 2:26 PM      Updated: 10/28/2022 11:30 AM