Personnel Account is Request Access 

Personnel are no longer tied to one specific district.  The status on the account is active or inactive.  It allows the user to access the system.  This must be active for them to log in.  

Remove is done by SRS Admins.  This is used if the person will no longer be using SRS.  Please let us know in a help ticket of retirees or deaths so those accounts can be removed from the system.

The user can request the access from the current account.  The new school district manager can then activate and add or remove access under the Access Levels tab.

The prior school district manager can go into the Access Levels tab and remove if the person is no longer serving that school and transfer the case loads to another person in their district.

Creation date: 4/1/2022 8:27 AM      Updated: 1/4/2023 2:37 PM