Updating forms after student transfers into a new district

Once the student files are all in the new district and merged, you will need to update the files.  The previous school's forms can be duplicated and updated with the new school's information.

You will need to duplicate the current file and change the dates to reflect when the student started at your school.  The rest of the data will remain the same with the same effect to date.  This will keep the ADVISER records current.

If Mikey transfers in on 5/20/23 with an IEP set to expire on 9/30/23, a duplicate needs to be made.  The new begin date for the new school would start on 5/20/23 and effect to date would still be 9/30/23.  In ADVISER, Mikey would have two records, one with an exit date of 5/19/23 and exit reason 99.  The other would have a begin date of 5/20/23 and blank exits.  Again, the new IEP would be due on 9/30/23.

Creation date: 4/26/2022 3:17 PM      Updated: 7/18/2023 3:14 PM