Adding Student Team Member

Click here to watch the video.

  • Log into SRS
  • Go to the Students tab
  • Click on Student list
  • Search for your student

  • Under the Choose option on the right hand side - select Student Team

  • Select the District
  • Select the School
  • The list of available staff should display.  You will need to add them to the team with edit and/or view status.

The staff must have access to the district that the student is in to be able to access.  If they need access, you will need to contact the district admin to add the access level for the school(s) needed.  The person can also request the access while logged into SRS.  See link - additional access levels

To adjust team settings, you will need to be added by a district manager.  Once added, you can remove yourself in the same manner.

Log in to SRS and choose your student.  In the sample the team members with the blue checkbox have either Edit or View or both.  To remove, click the blue checkbox and the name will go back to the lower section of teachers not part of the students team.

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