Personnel Account Cleanup

As you are working through the Personnel lists, please take note of these things.

The Personnel Tab has the status listed.  This is for access to the SRS system.

The Privileges List tab is what allows access to the student data.

There are 3 options for status on the Personnel Information page.

  • Active - can access SRS but only can see the Privileges that are active.
  • Inactive - can not access SRS.
  • Removed - can not access SRS.  This displays after accounts are merged.

District Admins will need to make accounts active and add privileges.

  • You can add and remove access on the Personnel Information tab.  
  • Any gray boxes are set by the system and can not be changed.
  • You can add and remove privileges for your district.
  • If the person is no longer with your district, you can remove the privileges under the person’s name and the Privileges List tab and click the remove button.
  • If there is an active account but they no longer need access the SPED records, then you can make them inactive.  The account will still be available if needed at a later time.

SRS has to do the personnel merges.  If there are multiple accounts for one user that are active or inactive, please let us know in a help desk ticket.  We will need to know:

  • which login the user prefers
  • which email the user needs
  • which privileges can be removed if they are from another district.
Case manager accounts with other districts will need to be removed by those districts so a new case manager can be assigned.
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