Update and Administrator Training List

Admin Powerpoint

Knowledge Base Tutorials - check for updates and new sections

Focused on updates or changes over the summer

  • 504 forms
  • ADVISER errors and fixes
  • SRS main tutorials

Review of features for people listed as building/district admin

  • District settings
    • Progress report dates current and upcoming school year
    • Progress reports do not update on refinalize
    • IEP summary
  • School settings
    • Progress report dates
  • Student search
    • List of missing state IDs
    • Find any student in SRS
  • Personnel list - search by name or email, let SRS know if multiple accounts that need merged

Time/support for district admin to go in and view and help with errors

  • Setting codes
  • Problems seen
  • Oct 1st snapshot

Suggestion page for SRS Advisory Board - on homepage

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