504 Consent for Evaluation

Input the 504 Coordinator’s full name. 

Input the 504 Coordinator’s school phone number.

Input the 504 Coordinator’s school email address.

Click in the Date box.  A calendar will pop up.  Select the date the parent/guardian gave consent.

Click on the radio button indicating that the parent did or did not give consent. The can be used to unselect radio button selections.

Click in the box indicating the parent signature is on file. The signed date and signature box will appear.

Enter the date the parent/guardian signed the Consent to Evaluate.

Type the parent/guardians full name.

On tab 2:  you can attach documents you want to have included with this form.  Click to prompt the upload screen and navigate to the document you want to add. Use the to remove documents you no longer want uploaded. An example would be signature pages.

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