504 Consent for Initial Services

Input the parent or guardian’s full name. More than one individual can be inputted by separating names with commas.

Click in the Meeting Date box.  A calendar will pop up.  Select the date from the calendar that the parent/guardian indicated they signed the form.

Click within the box indicating if the parent/guardian consents or does not consent to initial services.

Click in the boxes indicating that parent/guardian has received a copy of the 504 Plan and that a signature is on file.

On tab 2:  you can attach documents you want to have included with this form.  Click to prompt the upload screen and navigate to the document you want to add. Use the to remove documents you no longer want uploaded. An example would be signature pages.

Creation date: 11/1/2022 7:42 AM      Updated: 11/7/2022 2:45 PM