504 Evaluation

Click in the Meeting Date box.  A calendar will pop up.  Select the date from the calendar of the 504 Evaluation Meeting.

Click the button next to Meeting Attendees.  Each time you click the button, another row will appear.

Once you have rows added, you can add the full name and role of the persons that will be in attendance at the meeting in the text boxes.  If you need to remove a row, click the at the end of the row and the row will delete.

Click within the boxes to select the records and information that were reviewed as part of the evaluation.  If you click “other”, a text box will appear for you to indicate what other type of record or information was used.  If you select a record you did not want checked, just click again to make the checkmark go away.

In this section, you will indicate the determination that the team made.  The first radio button is for students who were not found to have a disability (no 504, no plan).  The second radio button is for students that do have a disability but are not in need of a plan (yes 504, no plan).  The third radio button is for students that do have a disability and are in need of a plan (yes 504, yes plan).  If you accidentally choose the wrong radio button, click in another or click “clear radio buttons” to clear them all.

This section is to document parent participation.  If participation was provided in another way than listed, click “other” and enter into the textbox.

This section is to document that parents received a copy of the evaluation and their rights.  If you accidentally click a radio button and want it cleared, click “clear radio buttons”.

On tab 2:  you can attach any documents you want to have included in this form.  An example would be signature pages.

Below is an example of what the pdf looks like once you click on the print button.  As you can see, a separate page prints out that has all of the meeting participants that you listed with a line next to their name.  This can be used as a signature page if your district practice is to get signatures.

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