504 Plan

Enter in the range of dates the 504 plan will be in effect.  You will need to meet again to revise the plan before the date you put as “effect to”.

Describe the disability and the major life activities that are limited in the box below.  It should be clear enough that any person that picks up the plan can understand the impact the disability has on the student.

You will next select State/Local and/or General (by checking the boxes) any areas of accommodation that are needed.  

State/Local will bring up

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Science
  • ACT
  • Other

When you select one of the above boxes, another set of choices appropriate for that section will pop up below it.  The screen shot below shows the State/Local Accommodation Section.  Once you check a box, another text box will load for you to describe the specific accommodations for that section.

When you select General:

  • Communication
  • Organizational/Management
  • Alternative Teaching Strategies
  • Student Precautions
  • Other

As always, page two is a page for you to upload any documents you would like to upload.

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