Student domain and Error Code 400

In order to maintain longitudinal integrity on the student information from year to year, the rollover process for the ODS includes bringing forward information from the Student domain, including the Student USI, from the previous school year. The Student USI is an internal unique identifier for students, separate from the NDE Student ID and is relevant to the ADVISER system only. Therefore, NDE inserts last year’s Student domain records into the new year’s ODS as part of the rollover process.
When performing updates to the Student domain records, the districts must have a claim on that student. This claim is determined by the Student Enrollment domain; the district must have submitted a StudentSchoolAssociation record to the ODS for the student to tie that student to the district. If this record has not been submitted into the ODS and a district attempts to update the Student domain record for the student, districts will receive a 400 error stating:
· -- “Value for the auto-assigned identifier property 'StudentUSI' cannot be assigned by the client”
This record is essentially meaning to state that the student exists in the Student domain, but the district does not have the proper authorization to update this record. This error will not come up for new students in your SIS who are being inserted into the ODS for the first time.

Districts should submit the School Enrollment (StudentSchoolAssociation) record for their returning students. Once this information has been submitted one time, the district can go back and update the Student domain information for all of their students as needed.

At the beginning of the school year, and during the school year when a student moves from one district to another, the SIS system will want to first attempt to send the School Enrollment record. If this is successful, it means that the student is already in the Student domain, and the district can them update the Student information as needed. If the School Enrollment insert fails, this would mean that the student does not current exist in the Student domain and the district should send this record, then submit the School Enrollment information.
Creation date: 8/23/2016 4:23 PM      Updated: 5/4/2022 4:04 PM