*Improving Data Security: MyESU & Canvas Connection

Project PARA now operates on two systems:  MyESU (https://para.myesu.org/) and Canvas (instructure.esucc.org).

What is the difference between MyESU and Canvas systems?

MyESU is a registration and reporting portal where districts and institutions can register District Administrators, Supervising Instructors, and course participants, monitor their progress in a reporting dashboard, assign retakes if allowed and necessary, and access certificates of completion once assigned.  

2. Canvas: https://esucc.instructure.com/login/canvas

For tips and tricks about how to use Canvas, try the Canvas Student Guide

Canvas is a course management system where the Project PARA training is hosted. This is where paras will complete the training and earn their certification. Specifically, this is where para’s will access training content like lessons, pre- and post-tests, activities, and certificate submission forms that verify and validate their completion of training and earn them their certifications.

It is also important to note that, because there are two different but connected systems, each system requires a separate login.

I’m a district administrator, but my role says “observer”. What does this mean?

As Project PARA now operates via two systems – MyESU and Canvas – you may see different terms related to your role. When you first register for Project PARA in MyESU, you are required to select your role as either a district administrator, instructor, or para educator. This determines your accessibility for reporting and registration for your district.

In Canvas, district administrators and instructors are listed as “observers”, meaning you are simply observing or monitoring your paraeducators progress through the training and certification process. Observer does not restrict you from registering paraeducators. 

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