Registration Information

How do I register a district administrator/supervisor/course student?

We’ve intended to make registration a more streamlined process with automated confirmation emails and the ability to create your own password. Districts will first need to register their school/institution within the MyESU portal. Once registered, enrollment in Canvas is automatically initiated and registrants are sent emails regarding next steps for finalizing their registration process.

 The below "parts" provide further details with visuals: 

We continue to encourage district administrators to register first, before individual course students are registered. This ensures that course students are tied to a district/institution/organization and have a supervisor available for support throughout their self-study.

I’ve registered but haven’t received any confirmation. How long does it take to process my registration?

We do our best to review and activate registration requests within 1-2 business days. If you have submitted a registration request and have not received a “Welcome Aboard” confirmation email from Project PARA, please follow the following "troubleshooting" tips before emailing an inquiry here: for a User Support team member to investigate.

Creation date: 3/14/2023 1:24 PM      Updated: 10/12/2023 1:03 PM