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Which parts of Project PARA are paras required to complete?

Project PARA offers a variety of content and material for paras to view and/or complete to further construct and contextualize their knowledge as a paraprofessional. In order to complete training and earn certification, paras are required by the system (Canvas) to complete all posttests, which are scored.

Project PARA offers optional pre-tests as an opportunity to measure initial knowledge, as well as optional activities designed to engage paras in hands-on experience with supervisors, students, and peers. It is ultimately up to the district or institution to determine which of the components (in addition to the post-tests) paras must complete.

The only exception includes requirements for the early childhood certificate and then only if paras are trying to complete the certificate.

How do I know that a para received/completed their certificate/badge?

Project PARA has been designed to be completed sequentially to offer optimal learning for paras completing the training. This means that a para must view and/or complete every component within the modules (i.e. first read the introduction, next take the pre-test, then view the first lesson, etc). Once a para has sequentially completed the modules associated with each certification pathway, they will be able to complete and submit the Title I, SPED, and/or Early Childhood Certificate Completion Submission Form. Once completed, this will award the badge and initiate a confirmation email that is sent to the para.

At this time, certification completion emails are not sent to district administrators, so we encourage paras to forward these emails to the appropriate person for documentation. We are looking into future developments to include district admins in receiving these emails.

More information on badges can be found here: Completing and Accessing Certificates/Badges  

What are “modules” and “badges” in Canvas?

Under Project PARA’s previous system, paras completed “units”. Under Canvas, units are now called modules. The content within the modules has not changed from the previous system.

Additionally, under the previous system, para’s earned “certificates”, which were presented as downloadable PDF files available for printing (and hanging up on your fridge) with the para’s name, certification type, and completion date. Under Canvas, certificates are now called digital badges. Currently, Canvas badges are not presented as a downloadable PDF to print.

How do I view my para’s overall progress?

General details about a para’s progress can be viewed from the MyESU registration and reporting portal.

1. Log in to the MyESU system.

2. Select "Manage Users" from the navigation menu at the top of the webpage. This will open up search/filter page.

3. From here you can search for a user by name or filter by role (“district admin”, “instructor”, “paraeducator”).

4. After finding your specific user, select "Para's Name Progress" on the right-hand side of their data row.

5. This will open up the para's progress report, showing overall progress/”grade” towards certificate completion, submissions, and individual scoring per item.

Why can’t my para access the Title 1/SPED/Early Childhood Certificate submission form?

Paras are required to view and/or complete all required components within a module and score a minimum of 69% on each of the post-tests.

Previously, Project PARA was scored with an aggregate total with a minimum of 69%. Currently in Canvas, each post-test requires a minimum score of 69% to be earned before the participant can move on to the next component and complete certification. Canvas, which is the training content platform that hosts the unit lessons, pre- and post-tests, activities, etc. and awards the badges (certificates). This system is a separate entity from UNL, NDE, and ESUCC and requires time to modify and develop our own program structure. We are looking into a redevelopment of the Project PARA scoring structure, but this will take extensive design and development from our end for continuity from the previous system.

To accommodate this transition in the meantime, we've programmed the post-tests as the only scored component with the option to retake the tests as many times as a participant needs to in order to earn the minimum passing score.

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