Step 1: Administrative Registration

Prior to Registration: 

  1. Appoint a District Administrator for program coordination, registration, and upkeep.
  2. If you are a public/nonpublic Pk-12 district, have your state (Department of Education) assigned CDN number (state school ID) handy.
  3. If you are an early childhood program, have your state (Department of Health and Human Services) assigned program license number handy.
  4. If you are an institution of higher education, have your _______ number handy.
  5. If your district or program is already registered with Project Para, you may skip this step.

Administrator Registration for Self & Program:

  1. Navigate to MyESU at
  2. Select "Register" from the top navigation bar
  3. Fill in all fields of requested information 
  4. Select the green "Register" button once complete (a "Registration Request Submitted" pop-up will appear and a new registration email notification should arrive in your email inbox, check spam or trash if not)
  5. Registration of districts/programs is on hold at this point, nothing for you to do.  A Project Para team member will review your registration and approve within 1-2 business days after verifying registration information provided.
  6. Once approved, a "Welcome Aboard" email will be sent to your inbox
  7. Once open, please select the password create/update link provided and complete.
  8. Once complete, select the "update password" button to finalize and save.
  9. Next, you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to create and confirm a password once more. We recommend you use the same one from the previous steps.
  10. Once complete, select the blue "update password" button to finalize and save.

This 10 step process establishes your district/program in our reporting systems and grants you, and anyone to be enrolled in your district/program group, access to the Project Para course materials in Canvas. While Project Para is now hosted through 2 coordinated systems ( and, both are tied together within the reporting dashboards of for ease and security of Project Para's reporting data.  

All roles (admin, supervisor, user) will have access to their own data, as well as those they supervise (if any).

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