Part 2: Registering Paraeducators/Paraprofessionals Participants

In March 2022, Project PARA began a transition to Canvas, a new course management system. Completed through a multiphase process, this transition is being completed through a partnership between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council, and the Nebraska Department of Education. This document provides instructions on how to register paraeducator participants in the Paraeducator Self-Study Program.

Once reviewed and approved, district administrators may begin registering paraeducators/ paraprofessionals to their district. Additionally, paraeducators/paraprofessionals may submit a request for registration at

For District Administrators to enroll paras:

1. Go to and sign-in. Click on “Add User” at the top of the page.

2. On the “Add User” page, fill in all information fields and click the green “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

*****Note - There are three options for Roles.

  • District Admin - supervises paraeducators across multiple schools in the district
  • Instructor - supervises paraeducators in a single school
  • Paraeducator - user taking the course
  • There are additional administrative roles available.  Please contact ESUCC to inquire for further details.

3. After clicking the “Register” button, an automated email will be sent to the paraeducator/paraprofessional notifying them of their account pending approval and activation.

4. After adding a para participants account, district administrators will now need to activate the account. To activate an account, click on “My Paras” at the top of the site.

5. Under the “My Paras” page, you will see a list of para participant profiles listed. To activate the account, on the very right-hand side of the table under “Disable/Enable”, you will find a toggle switch. Click on the toggle to switch it to green. Green indicates the profile is now active in the system, while gray indicates the profile is inactive.

6. Once an account has been activated, para participants will receive an email from ESUCC regarding a course invitation to Canvas. Enrollment instructions for Canvas are outlined in Part 3: Enrolling in Canvas & Accessing Paraeducator Self-Study Training Materials.

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