Part 3: Enrolling in Canvas & Accessing Paraeducator Self-Study Training Materials

In March 2022, Project PARA began a transition to Canvas, a new course management system. Completed through a multiphase process, this transition is being completed through a partnership between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council, and the Nebraska Department of Education. This document provides instructions on how to enroll a participant in Canvas in order to access the Paraeducator Self-Study Program training materials, including pretests, posttests, activities, unit lessons, and more.

Enrolling in participants in Canvas:

1. Once an account has been added/enabled in the new system at, participants should receive a “Course Invite” email from ESUCC to access Canvas (pictured below). Click “Get Started”. Participants will then be directed to the Canvas course registration page.

Note: Please check both the primary inbox and Spam/Junk folders for this email.

2. On the Canvas course registration page, the following message will appear (see below). Click “Create My Account” to proceed.

3. After clicking “Create My Account”, participants will be prompted to enter a password, select a time zone, and agree to the Canvas “Acceptable Use Policy”. Once all fields have been filled, click “Register”.

Note: The password for Canvas will be a separate password from the registration system at, however the email will be the same.

4. After clicking “Register”, participants will be automatically directed to the homepage of the Project PARA: Paraeducator Self-Study Program page in Canvas and may begin accessing the Paraeducator Self-Study Program materials.

Note: There may be a green box at the top of this home page inviting users to “Accept” the Project PARA course invitation. Please click “Accept”.

5. Participants in the Paraeducator Self-Study Program are now ready to proceed through the training materials for Title I, SPED, and Early Childhood modules and more!

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