Part 4: Completing & Accessing Certificates for Title I, SPED, and/or Early Childhood Training

In March 2022, Project PARA began a transition to Canvas, a new course management system. Completed through a multiphase process, this transition is being completed through a partnership between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council, and the Nebraska Department of Education. This document provides instructions on how to access certificates in Canvas - once Title I, SPED, and/or Early Childhood training has been completed by para participants.

Project PARA does not offer a single, overall certificate for the entire program. Instead, Project PARA offers three certification achievements: one for Title I, SPED, and Early Childhood each. In Canvas, certification requirements are the same as the previous system, however certificates are now presented as certificates accessible in

1. To complete the required training and earn a certificate, participants must view/complete all assigned components of the training. This includes the unit pre-test, lessons, activities, post-tests, and evaluations. Once all assigned components of Title I, SPED, and/or Early Childhood training have been viewed/completed, participants can complete the Certificate Completion Form associated with each training.

Note: If a participant has skipped ahead to the tests in a unit module or only completed the unit module pre-test, then they have missed viewing all of the prerequisite pages prior to the test, and the Title I, SPED, or Early Childhood Certificate Completion Forms will be grayed out and remain unavailable (see image below). If unit module material titles appear black and bold, the unit has been unlocked. If there's a green checkmark to the right of the title, the module or page has been completed. If the unit module material titles appear gray, the unit's prerequisite(s) has/have not been met. Additionally, participants need to score at least a 69% on all post-tests in order to pass each module.

2. Once a para has viewed/completed/passed all unit modules associated with the Title I, SPED, and/or Early Childhood training, the Certification Completion Form will unlock and become available for submission.

Note: The Certificate Submissions appear on the Modules page and display similar to the image below. Participants will need to click on this.  This will be grayed out until the modules are completed with passing grades.

3. After clicking on the appropriate Certificate Submission module, participants will need to fill out the questions that follow and select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to confirm their completion of the required training modules.

4. Once all questions in the certification submission form have been answered, participants will need to click the “Submit Quiz” button at the bottom (pictured above).

5. After submitting the completed certification form, the system will initiate a confirmation email that will be sent to the participant. This email will notify the participant of the certificate they just earned (pictured below). Participants can either forward this email as confirmation to their supervisors or print the email off. If you do not receive the email, please log into and look at your results.

Note: While the certification requirements remain the same, certificate documentation presents differently. This is a major change and update from the old system. 

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