ADVISER 602 error - Student Missing Unique ID

ADVISER errors will need to have the reports edited under the current school year.  You can use override data to do this using the link.

Students with 602 errors are missing their State ID.  

Under reports, select the current school year

  • Select your district and submit
  • Search for your student
  • Click on the name to see the report
  • On the right side under SRS tools, click Edit Student Screen
  • Add the State ID

Once the State ID is entered, SRS will remove the old ADVISER records and create exact copies that include their State ID.  

If you receive an error message saying the State ID is already in use, please send in a help ticket.  They will help locate the duplicate SRS account where the State ID is already saved.  You can then request a transfer of the data from the previous school and merge the data if there are multiple records for the student.

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