NDE File Review

To allow NDE to do the file review, access will need to be given to only the SPECIFIC student files that they request.

First you will need to add a Student Team Member

There should be a list of the Teachers not part of _____’s team.

Find NDE Filereview Specialist and check the View option.

This should allow NDE access to the requested student’s records.

*****If you are not finding NDE Filereview Specialist under the Teachers list, you will need to check that they are part of your personnel.

  • Log into SRS
  • Go to the Personnel tab
  • Click on Personnel list
  • Type in NDE for the first name.  
  • You should be able to find them by searching for NDE for a first name.  Do not select any of the other dropdowns.
  • The last name will be Filereview.
  • If you need to add them, use that account and add a role of Student Team Member.  
  • Save.
  • Then you should be able to add them as a team member for the requested students in your district.

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