SRS Basics

Home Page

Once you are logged in, you will see the home page.  This will show a listing of:

  • your ten most recent students that you have worked on
  • an option to add feedback if you have ideas on how to improve the software
  • any announcements for the system

Check at the log in for new updates from SRS and your district

Student Search

  • Go to the Students tab
  • Click on Student search

Here you can set your display options.  Click on the display options button to display the list.  Click the checkbox for each item to display. Click the display options button again to close the option window.

****This is my preferred list will the Show ALL Students.

The choose button has several options in the dropdown.  Click links below image to see additional info.

Edit - Parent/Guardians - Student Team - Student Forms

Other Nav Items


ADVISER reports are under the reports tab.  District managers will need to use the override to fix errors in the data.

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