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The 2023-2024 SRS ADVISER reports are available now under the Reports tab in SRS.  A separate tab in the Knowledge base is general ADVISER error fixes. 

This is a list of explanations for the questions and misunderstandings that we have had to address during the ADVISER sessions with NDE and SRS ADVISER.

· Each student is different.  There can be just one record or multiple depending on how many changes have been made to the student’s file, how many new forms were created, etc.  This is why the edits need to be done at the district level.  The most current data and records to refer back to are available from the teachers and staff if needed.

· There are two presentations in the Knowledge Base to help explain the data collection.  One is a breakdown of the records and how the information is collected.  The other is the workday with a video of additional steps that we have used while working with NDE.

· The best way to identify the error is to look at the source in the tools on the right-hand side of the record.  Making corrections to the source form will correct the resulting errors. 

· If editing the source form does not update automatically, you can override the record’s data using the Override Data in the ADVISER tools. 

· If extra records have been created, they can be removed in the ADVISER tools on the right-hand side of the record with the Remove Record.

· If additional records are needed, they can be manually added with the Build ADVISER Reports button in the upper left corner of the page under the District Name.

· SPED99 is not an error.  It is the systems way to indicate a change in the student’s data.

When the report is complete, it will cover the whole school year. 

For the 2023-2024 school year samples:

· There should be a record that starts on 7-1-23 and with no exit date or reason as long as they stay in your district for the next school year.  

· If they move into or out of a district, those begin and exit dates will need to match.  

· The dates of service in the district are what are used.

For a student in the same district the entire year:

· Begin date 7-1-23.  End date 6-30-23.

For a student in the same district the entire year with a new IEP on October 31st:

· Begin date 7-1-23.  Exit 10-30-23.  Exit Reason SPED99.

· Begin date 10-31-23.  Exit date 6-30-24.  With no exit date or reason.

For a student in the same district that transfers to another school on November 20th:

· Begin date 7-1-23.  Exit 11-19-23.  Exit Reason SPED11.

NDE's ADVISER table can be found at:

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o Post Graduate and Cohort information

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